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email signatures

Quick start guide to creating a single email signature

quick start guide for single signatures

New to Email Signature Rescue and need some guidance in getting started?

The following quick start guide will walk you through some of the key features in our software and assist you in creating your first email signature.

We'll show you how to create your signature, add links, customise the color of your design and text, add your logo and banner images and change your social icons to have a complete and beautiful email signature in a matter of minutes!

complete email signature

  • Creating your email signature

    When you log in to your account you will be taken directly to your dashboard. On first appearance it will appear quite empty as you have no email signatures created. To create your email signature you're going to select the green Create New Signature button from the top left of our dashboard.

    You will see a modal window pop up with a few fields to fill out, enter your name, role and email address, then select a template to begin with. If you're not sure of which template design to choose then you can view all of our template designs here on our website. Don't stress over this too much as you can switch templates at any time! Select your template design and hit create.

    create new signature animated
  • Editing your contact details

    Your signature has now been created and you would have been taken to your Signature Editor screen. Here you will see a live preview of your email signature and all of the available tools to make any changes to your email signature that you desire.

    installation tools

    To the right of your live preview you will see a list of tools for installation such as Copy Code, Download, Email etc. Beneath your live preview you will see a few tabs which is where you make physical changes to your email signature.

    The Profile tab which you're currently on is where you change your contact details within your email signature. When first creating your signature, it will be populated with dummy information to show the layout of the signature, this information needs to be edited to your own. To change any information, simply select the field, put your cursor within the text field and enter your contact information for that field.

    field icon example

    As per the image above, you will notice a number of different buttons on when selecting a field or hovering over another, here is what they do:

    1. Label Text Field - Changes the text of your label/prefix
    2. Contact Text Field - Changes the text of your contact field
    3. Label Power Button - Enables or disables your label/prefix
    4. Contact Power Button - Enables or disables the entire contact field, including the label/prefix
    5. Website Link Icon - Allows you to add a website link to the text
    6. Email Link Icon - Allows you to add a mailto link to the text
    7. Bold Icon - Makes your text bold
    8. Italic Icon - Makes your text italicised
    9. Move Icon - Clicking and dragging this field allows you to re-position fields above or below one another
    10. Duplicate Icon - Hovering over a field and selecting this will duplicate an original field

    Now that you know what each icon does, go ahead and enter your contact details into your email signature. Try making the labels bold and tagline italic and see if you like it!

    edit contact details animated
  • Adding your logo and banner images

    Note: This guide is for creating single email signatures. If you're creating more than one email signature and want to use the same image across multiple signatures, upload your images to the Default Images folder on your Dashboard. Read more about how default images work for multiple employees.

    Now that you've changed your contact details you're going to want to add your logo and potentially some banner images, select your Images tab to begin.

    Uploading your primary image

    From your Images tab you will see three headings, Primary Images, Secondary Image and Base Images. Your primary image and secondary image serve the same purpose, however feature different positioning depending on the template selected. You will notice that you have a placeholder image already uploaded as a primary image, let's replace that with your own.

    Select the Edit button and wait for the Image Uploader modal to pop up. Select Choose File and browse to where your logo file is located, you should make sure it's either in .jpg, .gif or .png file format. Once uploaded you will see your image on the crop screen with two buttons beneath, square and circle. These two options allow you to crop your image in a square or circle shape, simply select the shape and drag the handles on the image to where you'd like to crop your image then hit Next below. This next step allows you to resize your image, you will see a slider with a percentage, simply adjust the slider to the size of your image then hit Save.

    Want to upload an animated gif? Here's how.

    upload primary image animated

    Uploading your banner image(s)

    From the base images section you will see a drop down option allowing you to select the layout of your base images. The available formats are as follows:


    • 1 Banner - Maximum size of 600px wide by 100px high
    • 2 Banners - Maximum size of 300px wide by 100px high
    • 3 Banners - Maximum size of 150px wide by 100px high
    • 4 Banners - Maximum size of 100px wide by 100px high


    • 1 Banner - Maximum size of 600px wide by 600px high
    • 2 Banners - Maximum size of 300px wide by 300px high
    • 3 Banners - Maximum size of 150px wide by 150px high
    • 4 Banners - Maximum size of 100px wide by 100px high

    Once you have selected the layout option you want in your signature you can go ahead and add a new image for the amount of banner images you require. Simply upload your images the same as you did with your primary image.

    banner layout

    Now that you've uploaded your banner images you can see your email signature is really starting to take shape. It's time now to tweak the styling of your email signature!

    example signature
  • Customising your signature styling

    By now you should have edited your contact information and uploaded any images you want in your signature, but you're still looking at a sky blue colored signature right? This is where the Design phase comes into play.

    From the Design tab you can control how the email signature looks with a range of features and options. Here is what each one does:

    adjust design settings
    • Select signature template - You can switch your signature template at any time, you simply need to re-install your signature after to reflect the changes
    • Left margin width - Some mail clients position the body text to the far left, some an inch or so into the screen. Changing the left margin width allows you to align your signature correctly
    • Vertical spacing - Think the information looks too far apart? Change the vertical spacing to bring rows closer together and compact your email signature
    • Select font - You can select any Windows and Mac supported fonts from here. Unfortunately web fonts aren't compatible with mail clients so they're not listed
    • Select text size - Make your text size as small or large as you like
    • Select separator style 1 - Some of our templates feature custom separator styles, this allows you to enable or disable them and also change the separator icon
    • Select separator style 2 - Some of our templates feature custom separator styles, this allows you to enable or disable them and also change the separator icon
    • Choose text base color - This allows you to choose the main text color in your signature. A dark or subtle color should be used for best results
    • Choose text feature color - This allows you to choose the feature color in your signature. You should match this to your business branding

    adjust design settings
  • Changing your social icons and adding text links

    Now that you've tweaked your design settings you can see your signature has is really coming along and there isn't much more to be changed before you're ready to install. The next thing you'll want to change is your social media icons, linking to your social media platforms is a great way to increase traffic and gain exposure for your business. We've got over 100,000 different icons for you to select from, but thankfully for our filter options you can find which icons you want to use easily.

    Select your Links tab. You will see two sections, one with a gallery of social icons and a few tabs above, and another below which displays the social icons. There are three things you can do from the links tab; add social icons from our gallery called Our Icons, upload and add social icons of your own from Your Icons or add Text Links.

    Using Our Icons

    To use icons from our library you can simply replace existing icons by clicking the Swap Icon button, then select an icon from the library, or remove simply select an icon to add it to your signature.

    To find the right icons for you, simply use our filter options to change the style, size, color and type, then click the icon to add it to your email signature.

    Once you have added your social icons to your email signature you will want to add a link to your social media page platform. Simply grab the URL from your social media profile then select the Chain/Link icon and paste the URL.

    social icon gallery

    Using Your Icons

    If you decide you don't want to use any of the icons from our gallery then you can upload your own social icons. Simply make sure they are 24 x 24 pixels and rename them to the name you would like to see displayed within your account. Once you're happy with them, select the Your Icons tab then hit the green Upload button. You can follow the same process to upload your social icons as you did with your primary and banner images above.

    Once your icons are uploaded, simply click on them to add into your email signature then add your desired link.

    Using Text Links

    Do you prefer to use text links over icons, or simply want to write some link-able text? You can do this from your Text Links tab within a matter of seconds.

    Select your Text Links tab, then click your cursor into the text field and type the text you want for your signature. This could be something as simple as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn if you want to use text instead of icons for your social platforms, or you can use it for a different purpose such as Make an appointment, View my portfolio or See our deals.

    Once you've written your text, choose the color you desire from the color palette and click Add Text Link.

    change social icons animated
  • Changing your privacy text and green message

    Now that we're at the very end of the creation process you will likely notice that you've still got a disclaimer in place and a green text message. You have full control over what is written in this text and can even add a read more link directing to the terms on your website if you don't want a lengthy disclaimer.

    To change your privacy text or disclaimer simply select your Messages tab and click on the field you'd like to edit, then change the text. Under your Privacy Text you can disable or enable the Read More link below by selecting the power button.

    If you want to re-position your privacy text, banner images and green message you can drag and drop the fields above or below one another. You also have the ability to duplicate any of these fields by hovering over it and selecting the duplicate icon from the far right.

    Voila! Your signature is now complete and looks great!
    Now all you need to do is install it from one of our installation guides and you're done.

Everything you need to create, customize, manage and deploy HTML email signatures.

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No design skills required. Your signatures will look as beautiful as our examples. 20 easy to customize templates included.

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