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About Us

amy and neil

Email Signature Rescue launched in January 2013, created by Amy and Neil Lockwood, two Australian entrepreneurs and Managing Directors of Div Party web and graphic design agency in Adelaide, South Australia.

We initially solved a problem we encountered as a web design agency. Clients would ask us to create HTML email signatures that were compatible with a wide range of email software.

After coding our first HTML email signature, we realised there was a lot more to the story with email signatures, they are not as straight-forward as you would think. While the email signature showed fine on some email clients, others showed it completely differently.

So we got to learning about how each email software sends email signatures differently. We read tons of articles and tested our signatures in many email programs. Finally, we developed a solution that worked across all major email clients! #winning

With all of this new knowledge about email signatures behind us, we decided to open Email Signature Rescue to the masses to see if others were having problems with creating HTML email signatures too.

We launched our software with only our first email signature template included, (the Div Party template, yes we named it after ourselves!). We put up some ads to see if people were looking for HTML email signatures and would you believe it, we had customers within hours.

Since our launch, we have been working incredibly hard on improving the software, releasing more quality email signature templates and have been listening to customer feedback about what features are important.

We released Email Signature Rescue version 1.1 in July 2013, with a much better image uploader, more email signature templates and an improved help system, including the ability for users to lodge support tickets.

We released Version 2.0 in March 2015, which was been completely re-written from scratch to meet the needs of our customers. We are now a complete email signature solution for small and larger businesses alike. See all features.

Over 45,000 users worldwide use Email Signature Rescue to create their email signatures online.

We'd like to personally thank each and everyone of our clients who joined us in the first year, and stuck by us during the launch, getting our installation guides right and working on the software. Without you, we could not continue to work on this and for that we thank you.

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We have now closed our doors as a Web Design Agency to solely focus on Email Signature Rescue.


Div Party Pty Ltd is a registered Australian company
ABN 42 150 978 359 | ACN 150 978 359
PO Box 90, Glenelg SA 5045

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