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How to setup an email signature in Apple Mail (Snow Leopard 10.6)

Once you have downloaded your Email Signature from the Email Signature Rescue dashboard, simply follow the steps below to have it set-up in Apple Mail (Snow Leopard OSX 10.6) within minutes.

Important: These instructions are for Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 only. If you are looking for instructions for other versions of OSX click here.

So the process in it's entirety goes like this: Create a blank email signature file in Apple Mail, then overwrite the blank email signature file with your Email Signature Rescue email signature file. Follow the steps below to complete this.

Step One

Download your Email Signature Rescue HTML file from your user Dashboard. Save it somewhere you will remember on your computer's hard drive.

Step Two

Open Apple Mail and create a new signature. To create an email signature, go to your top toolbar and select Mail > Preferences.

then clicking on the "Signatures" tab to the top right. You should then see your email accounts in the left hand side of this window. Select the email account that you would like your email signature to be associated with, highlight it and then press the + icon at the bottom to create a new signature.

Save the signature then close the Mail program. This is important, Mail must be closed now so we can edit the email signature we just created.

Step Three

Now you need to overwrite the email signature file that you just created in Apple Mail with your Email Signature Rescue file. Go to Finder > (Go > Home) > Library > Mail > Signatures > and find the email signature you just created in Apple Mail (it is saved there and the file will be dated today's date). Highlight and copy the name of the email signature file.

Step Four

Navigate to where your html Email Signature file is saved that you downloaded from Email Signature Rescue. Open the file in Safari (browser), then click on File > Save As and save your Email Signature Rescue email signature file to your desktop and rename the extension to a "webarchive" file and paste the name of the newly created email signature file as this file's name. Your signature that you downloaded from Email Signature Rescue should now look exactly the same as the email signature in Apple Mail.

Step Five

Overwrite the email signature file that you just created in Apple Mail with your Email Signature Rescue file (named exactly the same). Simply drag and drop the file to replace it.

Step Six

Open Apple Mail and go to the email settings. Now you can rename your email signature to whatever you would like and you need to drag it to associate it with the correct email profile.

Congratulations! You will now see your brand spanking new Email Signature when sending emails from Apple Mail (Snow Leopard OS).

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