How to setup an email signature on iPhone Yahoo! Mail App iOS 10

When you have finished customizing your email signature, Email Signature Rescue provides the HTML code for you to set up your email signature in Yahoo! Mail app for both iPhone and iPad running iOS 10, following our simple instructions below.

Create and customize your email signature using Email Signature Rescue. Once you have finished creating your Email Signature, simply follow the steps below to have it set-up in Yahoo! Mail App for iPhone on iOS 10 within minutes.

  • Before you start

    You will need:

    • To have your Yahoo! Mail account set up and the app open.
    • To have access to your .html email signature file or be logged into your Email Signature Rescue account on your mobile device.


    Where do I find my email signature HTML file?

    • If you are an Email Signature Rescue member and are logged into your account, you can open your HTML file directly from your Dashboard, by clicking on the Full Screen Preview button.
    • If you have been emailed your HTML file, go to the email and open the file in your web browser.
    • If you have your HTML file saved on your mobile device, navigate to where you have saved the HTML file and open with your browser app.


    Don't have an email signature HTML file?

    If you don't have an email signature HTML file, consider joining Email Signature Rescue now and get creating! We offer over 20 professionally designed and tested email signature templates, tools to create and manage your email signatures online and a whole lot more.

    Join Email Signature Rescue now

  • Yahoo! Mail App for iPhone iOS 10 - Written Instructions

    Step One

    Open your Yahoo! Mail app.

    Step Two

    Tap on your Profile icon to the top right of your screen. A window will open, select Settings.

    select profile then settings

    Step Three

    From your Settings screen you will see a General section, select .

    select signature from the general section

    Step Four

    Now that you're on your Signature Settings, you'll want to open your email signature. If you've had your email signature emailed to you, then go ahead and open it in your browser app. If you haven't, and have access to your Email Signature Rescue account then you can login to your account and select Full Screen Preview from your dashboard.

    Now that you've opened your email signature, you'll want to hold your finger down on the text and press Select All then Copy.

    hold and copy email signature

    Step Five

    Switch back to your Yahoo! Mail app and hold your finger down on the signature box. You will see a paste option pop up, tap that and your email signature will be inserted. You will likely notice that the text for the email signature doesn't look correct, to resolve this you need to shake your iPhone, yes, shake it. Once you've done this an undo option will pop up, select this and your email signature will revert to the correct formatting.

    select signature from the general section

    Step Six

    Now that your signature has been pasted into your settings and is displaying correctly all you have to do is start emailing! Compose a new email and you'll see your email signature inserted each time you send an email from that account.

    compose a new email signature and send

    Congratulations, you have successfully setup your email signature to work with Yahoo! Mail app for iPhone! Now when you create a new email, simply select the template we just created and your signature will show!

  • Troubleshooting

    If you have tried our Recommended Written Instructions or Video Instructions for installing your signature in Yahoo! Mail App for iPhone iOS 10 and you run into any issues, please read through this troubleshooting guide before contacting Support for further help.

    My signature isn't displaying correctly

    If your signature doesn't display correctly, the likely issue is that once you pasted the email signature you haven't completely the shake and undo step. Once pasted, you need to shake your device to prompt an undo box, select this and the signature will format correctly.

    I am composing an email and I can't click on any links or social media icons

    In compose mode, most email programs won't allow you to use the links in your email signature. Check to see if your email signature has been installed correctly by sending a test email to yourself instead. The links and social media icons should work when you receive the email.

    Still experiencing issues?

    If you're a member of Email Signature Rescue, you can submit a ticket to our friendly support team through your member account by pressing the red help button. If you're not a member and need help creating or installing your HTML email signature, consider joining Email Signature Rescue for assistance.

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