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Horizontal Bar Email Signature Template


Choose your own fonts, colors and social icons to complement your business brand. Smash out your own HTML email signature today with the Horizontal Bar email signature template and our awesome software.

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The Horizontal Bar Email Signature Template is another much loved template design. Similar to the Professional Template in style, the primary images are on the opposite side of the design and it includes custom separators that you can style with dots, dashes, slashes or love hearts. This design effortlessly creates an amazing HTML email signature with any image, a few social icons and just a bit of text!

Creating, Customizing, Duplicating, Deploying and Installing the Horizontal Bar Email Signature Template

Create and Manage your Horizontal Bar Email Signature Template Online

Create and manage all your HTML email signatures from your Online Dashboard. Login to create new signatures, delete signatures and edit signatures at any time.

Customize the Horizontal Bar template with our Live Preview Editor

Design and customize your Horizontal Bar email signature template with our Live Preview Editor. Add your name, role, email, address, telephone numbers, images, banners, social media icons and more.

Install The Horizontal Bar Template all your favorite email clients

Install your Horizontal Bar Email Signature template in any email client that supports HTML. If your email clients supports it, automatically install your email signatures and edit them straight from your Email Signature Rescue Dashboard. Learn more.

Add Social Media Icons to the Horizontal Bar Template

Choose from an extensive library of over 200,000 social media icons. That's 90+ social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, in 30+ colors, 8+ styles and 11 sizes.

Add Images to the Horizontal Bar Email Signature Template

Upload your own images, photos, banners and logos using our built-in image editor. Crop, circle-crop and resize images easily and add them to the Horizontal Bar Email Signature Template design.

Horizontal Bar Template has been extensively Tested Across Email Clients

We test all of our email signature templates sending to and receiving from all major email clients. Just follow our easy guide when creating your own Horizontal Bar email signature template to ensure it remains looking good.

Duplicate the Horizontal Bar Template

Duplicate any existing signature template from your Dashboard to create new signatures quickly and effortlessly.

Deploy the Horizontal Bar Template to Users

When you've finished customizing the template, simply email all Users their own custom template for installation in 60+ email clients, apps and software.

20+ Email Signature Templates

You don't just get the Horizontal Bar email signature template, you get all 20+ professional email signature templates included in our software.

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Try the software today risk-free. If you're not happy, we offer a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

All templates and versions included in our software

You don't have to make a decision about which template you like best. Our software includes all 20+ email signature templates and 40+ premade templates you see on our website. Change and preview designs easily when creating your signatures.

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Everything you need to create, customize, manage and deploy HTML email signatures.

No Design Skills

No design skills required. Your signatures will look as beautiful as our examples. 20 easy to customize templates included.

No Tech Knowledge

Whether you’re a solo business owner, hairdresser, real estate agent or dog walker, anyone can create and install a signature!

Works With

Install in nearly all major email clients including Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, iOS and more. 50+ email clients, apps and software supported.

Reliable & Tested

We refine our HTML code and conduct extensive testing regularly to ensure it is industry-leading and works across all major email clients.

Save Time

Create, customize, edit, manage and deploy HTML email signatures from one central, easy to use system.

Save Money

No expensive IT staff, developers or designers needed. From signature design, to installation and support, we take care of it all.

Easy Duplication

10, 20, 30 or 100 staff? No worries! Duplicate signatures you’ve already created from the Dashboard to create multiple signatures quickly.

Support if you need it

Hit a snag? Help is only an email away. We're here for help with any design, installation and technical issues, should you need us.

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