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Christmas Email Signature Template

christmas email signature template

Create your own beautiful Christmas email signature template in just 10 minutes using our professionally designed, tested and coded HTML email signature templates and Email Signature Rescue software.

Add Christmas-themed social media icons including stars, baubles, trees and snowflakes to any of our email signature templates to complete the look.

There's no better way to say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" to your customers and clients, than to include it in your email signature!

Christmas Email Signature Examples

You can create your very own Christmas email signature just like these examples. Follow the instructions below to create your own email signature just like these using our software.



merry christmas

We're feeling jolly,
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How to make your Christmas themed email signature with our supplied images

  1. Right click the Christmas/Holiday themed image you would like to use below

  2. Save the image to your computer's hard drive

  3. Login to your Email Signature Rescue account

  4. Edit your signature or create a new signature

  5. Go to your Images tab, add a new primary, secondary or base image.

  6. Upload the Christmas/Holiday themed image you saved.

  7. Follow the steps below to create your signature just like our examples

ESR Christmas 01
ESR Christmas 02
ESR Christmas 03
ESR Christmas 04
ESR Christmas 05
ESR Christmas 06

More Holiday-Themed Images are available - let's get creative!

The above are just a few examples of what you can create. Why not get creative and design your own email signature using any of our other supplied Christmas / Holiday Themed images too.

Thanks to Smashing Magazine, we are able to provide you with these great Christmas icons which have been designed and created by Manuela Langella.

Angel Christmas Icon 2014
Candles Christmas Icon 2014
Candy Christmas Icon 2014
Card Christmas Icon 2014
Champagne Christmas Icon 2014
Christmas Basket Christmas Icon 2014
Christmas House Christmas Icon 2014
Christmas Hut Christmas Icon 2014
Christmastree Christmas Icon 2014
Cookies Christmas Icon 2014
Decorations Christmas Icon 2014
Fireplace Christmas Icon 2014
Gift Christmas Icon 2014
Hut Gloves Christmas Icon 2014
Milk Biscuits Christmas Icon 2014
Paper Bag Christmas Icon 2014
Santa Chimney Christmas Icon 2014
Santa Moon Christmas Icon 2014
Santa Christmas Icon 2014
Sleigh Christmas Icon 2014
Snow Ball Christmas Icon 2014
Snowman Christmas Icon 2014
Socks Christmas Icon 2014
Toy Christmas Icon 2014
Christmas Hut Christmas Icon 2014
Christmas Icon 2016 01
Christmas Icon 2016 03
Christmas Icon 2016 04
Christmas Icon 2016 06
Christmas Icon 2016 07
Christmas Icon 2016 08
Christmas Icon 2016 09
Christmas Icon 2016 10
Christmas Icon 2016 11
Christmas Icon 2016 12
Christmas Icon 2016 13
Christmas Icon 2016 14
Christmas Icon 2016 15
Christmas Icon 2016 16
Christmas Icon 2016 17
Christmas Icon 2016 18
Christmas Icon 2016 19
Christmas Icon 2016 20
Christmas Icon 2016 21
Christmas Icon 2016 22
Christmas Icon 2016 23
Christmas Icon 2016 24
Christmas Icon 2016 25

Download these full Christmas Icon Sets on the Smashing Magazine website.



Christmas Email Signature Tip

Change your Tagline or Green Message to display a festive message to your customers or clients. Let your customers know your trading hours over the Holiday period or leave a personal message like "Happy Holidays" or "Best Wishes for the Holiday Season".


How about some Holiday-Themed Banner Images?

Add some Holiday spice to your email signature by including one of these Holiday themed banner images this Festive season!

Banner Christmas 01
Banner Christmas 02
Banner Christmas 03
Banner Christmas 04
Banner Christmas 05
Banner Christmas 06
Banner Christmas 07

Christmas Social Media Icons for your email signature

It's nearly that time of year again, it's time to change your social media icons to our Christmas themed icon sets available in your account.

How to add our Christmas Social Media Icons to your email signature

  1. Login to your Email Signature Rescue account.

  2. Edit the signature you would like to add our new Christmas social icons to.

  3. While editing the signature, go to the Links tab and Filter by Type: Festive > Christmas. All of the Christmas social icons will load allowing you to click on the ones you would like to add to your signature. There are 4 options available; Christmas Trees, Baubles, Snowflakes and Stars.

  4. Save your email signature and install the latest version into your email client.

That's it! Why not login now and get started on your new Christmas themed email signature design. Or if you don't already have an account with us, get started now.

Share your Holiday-themed email signature with us on Twitter

Share your holiday-themed email signature design with us on Twitter. Tweet a screenshot of your signature using #holidaysignature to @emailsigrescue. We'd love to see it!

- Happy Holidays from the Email Signature Rescue Team

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