Email Signature Support

All Email Signature Rescue members get email signature support included when they join. We have a great knowledgebase of support articles, email signature installation guides for email programs and if you get really stuck, you can always lodge a support ticket for direct assistance through our Zendesk helpdesk.

Support is limited to email signature setup and installation in any of our supported email programs and using our software. It is also limited to website articles and email support. We do not offer telephone support at this time.

We cannot help you with importing your email into email programs, setting up your email signatures in programs that we do not support, or what to have for lunch.

There's also a fair-play limit of support, in which we may refer you to a local IT expert in your area if we cannot assist you any further.

Email Signature Rescue Support VS Global Benchmark

We're proud to say that we offer a great support experience if you need it. Want to see what our current customers think of our support? Here's our Customer Satisfaction %, Average First Reply Time and number of tickets submitted per month, compared to the Global Benchmark, provided by Zendesk.

Updated 10th February 2016.

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