Live Preview Email Signature Editor

Create your email signatures with our Live Preview Editor and watch changes happen on-screen, right before your eyes.

Using our live preview email signature editor you can create fully customized and professionally designed HTML email signatures in minutes:

  • Add all your contact details like telephone numbers, addresses, emails and websites.
  • Change labels like t. before telephone and f. before fax.
  • Change and preview over 20 email signature template designs
  • Change fonts, font sizes, margin widths and spacing
  • Add text links, social media icons and banners
  • Upload, crop, resize and circle-crop your images
  • Add legal disclaimers and green messages



Add your name, role, company name and contact details like telephone numbers, email addresses, websites and addresses. You can add as many as you need. Sort contact details easily.



Choose from our library of over 100,000 social media icons and add them to your email signature. Assign a web address or email address to any icon. You can also upload your own custom icons and buttons and add text links.



Whether you need just a simple logo, or you have multiple staff with different profile photos, we can handle your image requirements.

  • Upload default images once and use them across all email signature in your account.
  • Change default images once and see the changes reflected across all email signatures in your acocunt.
  • Add banners to your email signature.
  • Add animated gifs to any image position or banner images.
  • Resize images for retina/HD devices
Image Editing

Image Editing Tools

Add images easily to your email signature with built in tools like crop, circle-crop and image resizing. Options for animated gifs and retina images too.



Customize your email signature design while keeping the design looking professional. Customize fonts, spacing, separators, sizes, colors and more.



Need a legal disclaimer or privacy text? Not a problem. Want to include a green message, with something along the lines of "Think before you print", you can do that too. There's also options for including disclaimers as per legal requirements in the UK and Europe.

When you've finished creating your email signatures, download just one or all email signatures at once, email or email all signatures at once, get your key or email all keys, or grab the code from your Dashboard and install your new HTML email signature in all your favorite email clients on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Webmail.

Over 90,000 email signatures created with Email Signature Rescue
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