Customize your email signature

Customize your email signature to your own requirements. Customization options include:

Email Signature Template Design

We include over 20 email signature designs in our software. We continually create, test and add new designs throughout the year. Some email signature designs will match a wider logo, while others will suit a smaller logo. You can change designs easily in the software, to see which one best suits your needs.

customize email signature template design

Email Signature Fonts

We only use and recommend using email-safe fonts to ensure maximum compatibility to all major email clients. Fonts included in our software are the same system fonts included in both PCs and Mac computers, including Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Verdana, Trebuchet, Tahoma, Courier, Lucidia, Georgia and Palatino. (Impact coming soon).

customize email signature fonts

Email Signature Font Sizes

You can adjust the font size for your email signature text. We think a size of at least 10px-12px is ideal.

customize email signature font size

Email Signature Left Margin Width

Change the left margin width, which is the space between the left side of the email and where the signature design begins. Depending on which email program you use, you may like a wider or thinner width. We recommend at least an 8px width between the left margin and the email signature, as in some email programs the email signature will be pushed right up against the left side.

customize email signature left margin width

Email Signature Vertical Spacing

Change the vertical spacing in your email signature design. This is the space between the rows of text in your email signature. You may like to squeeze your email signature design closer together or stretch is further apart. This option also helps you line up the text with the images in your email signature for that pixel perfect touch. There is no recommendation on vertical spacing, you can choose whichever vertical spacing you like the most.

customize email signature left margin width

Email Signature Colors

We have designed our email signatures to look professional, stylish and agency-quality. The way we keep them looking this way, but still allow users to customize the signature with their own colors, is to offer two different color options. We call them the Base Color and the Feature Color.

base color and feature color email signature design

Base Color

The base color is applied to some of the text and features in the email signature design. We recommend using a more "readable" color like grey or black as the base color, although any darker or readable color is okay. The base color is used most throughout the design.

customize email signature base color

Feature Color

The feature color is used sparingly throughout the design to highlight important design features. This color can be any color you like, usually it would match your business branding color. For example, if Coca-Cola was to design an email signature, they would use red as their feature color and black as the base color.

customize email signature feature color

Create Additional Email Signature Fields

Need more than one telephone, email, website or address field? No problem. Just copy any field to create additional fields.

copy email signature fields

Email Signature Labels

You can apply bold or italic formatting to the label fields and change the text to whatever you like, including other languages. The label fields are like the t. before telephone and f. before fax. So instead of using our provided label text for telephone as a "t.", you could change this to be "p." or "Phone" or "Téléphone". Label widths adjust automatically, so your text will always be aligned nicely.

Change the label text

customize email signature labels

Bold/Italic label text

customize email signature labels bold

Email Signature Banners

Add banners to the base of your email signature. Promote events, sales, awards, accreditations, associations or anything else you like.

customize email signature banners

Upload your own banner images, add a link to the email signature banner images to click through to a web page or document hosted online, even add Google Analytics click tracking to measure clicks and conversions from your email signature banner image, and change banner images without having to re-install your HTML email signature in your email client each time.

email signature banner example

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