Want animated GIFs in your email signature, yes you can!

If our email signatures weren't already awesome enough for you, now you can add animated GIFs! Say whaaaaaat? Do you want to put an animated GIF in your HTML email signature? Well now you can... Check out our awesome examples of using an animated GIF in an email signature.

animated gif email signature

Why put an animated GIF in your email signature?

You only get around 5 seconds to make a first impression. With over 5 billion emails sent every day, you need to make your emails stand out.

Show off your personality with more than just a static image. Let people know you are fun, sporty, serious, crazy, professional or maybe all these, with multiple images displaying all your traits in style!

Or add a small touch of animated bling to your logo to create a more memorable experience when emailing your customers. We think email signatures and animated GIFs are a match made in heaven.

How do I add an animated gif to my email signature?

bypass upload

Easy! Just upload your gif using our custom uploader and check the "bypass uploader" checkbox. Bypassing our uploader ensures that we don't touch the animated gif and keeps it looking good. You can add animated gifs to any image position, including banner images, in any of our email signature templates.

What email programs send animated GIFs?

We're still testing but so far we've tested them to work sending from Gmail, Outlook 2013, Apple Mail, iPhone and iPad! More coming soon.

What email programs show animated GIFs?

Nearly all of the major email clients can show animated GIFs, except for Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 , Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.

supported email clients gif
Image courtesy of Campaign Monitor

What will happen if animated GIFs aren't supported?

The first frame in your GIF will be shown instead. In the example above the first frame is the first image.

Examples of email signatures with animated gifs

jed esr email signature
nadia email signature

Create your own professional email signature with animated gifs just like our examples.

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