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What's new in Email Signature Rescue V2.0

We have officially launched Email Signature Rescue V2.0. Here's all you need to know about the new Email Signature Rescue software.

Your signatures are already imported into V2.0

If you joined us in V1.0, we wanted to make the move to V2.0 as seamless as possible for you, so we imported all 10,000 of our existing clients email signatures and images over into the V2.0 system. But you might notice that there's a few differences.

Bold/Italics is now optional on all fields and labels

If some of your fields or labels were bold and now they are not, you can easily turn bold on by pressing the B icon in the field/label options.

bold labels and fields

Labels have changed (for example, the t. before telephone and f. before fax)

If some of your labels have changed, this is because you can now edit labels. This wasn't available in V1.0 and is a great addition to the V2.0 software. For users who want to write Cell, or Phone or Telephone (or c. or p. or t.) you can now write whatever you like in V2.0, in the label field.

edit label

Some template layouts have slightly changed

We wanted to ensure that your email signatures still look good across a wide range of email clients, but we also wanted to give you new options and more freedom to design the email signatures that you need. For these reasons, we had to rethink and redesign some of the template styles to accommodate the new options in V2.0. Where some templates used to have 3 contact fields horizontally across, they now only have 2. This is to ensure that the email signatures don't get too wide and break on mobile view.

Automatic Vcard Generation

We kept this one a secret. That's right, Email Signature Rescue now generates your vcards automatically. Those familiar with how V1.0 vcards worked, will know that the process to add a vcard in V1.0 was less than ideal. This has changed for the better in V2.0. Now all you need to do is add a vcard icon to your email signature and our software will automatically generate vcards for you, based on the information you have entered in your email signature. You can even upload your own custom vcard icon (using our new custom icon uploader), as long as you name it vcard.jpg, vcard.gif or vcard.png, the software will recognize that this icon should be a vcard and will assign the link to your vcard automatically.

More images!

Now you can add up to two primary images (for example a business logo and a profile photo) and up to 4 promotional banners. You can assign different website or email links to all images. But the best part is, if you want to change images each month, for example, add a new banner image to promote something, you can do this without having to reinstall the signature each time. Simply login to your Email Signature Rescue account, edit the banner image and upload the new banner image and within an hour, you will see the new image appear in your email signature.

add images to your email signature

Use animated gifs in your email signature

Want to show off more than just an image? Animated gifs are a great way to convey moving animation in your email signature. Animated gifs can now be uploaded and added to your email signature easily. Simply check the "Bypass" option when uploading your image, and you can add your own custom animated gifs! Read more about using animated gifs in your email signature, see some awesome examples of animated gifs in email signatures and which email clients support sending and receiving them here.

Sort social media icons and contact fields

One of our most requested features in V1.0, was the ability to sort both the social media icons and the contact fields. You can now sort the social media icons and contact fields in V2.0, like telephone, address and fax, in which ever order you would like them to appear on your email signature.

hover to open options

Upload your own custom social media icons

Perhaps you need a specific color of social media icons that your business has already created. Or you might have bought or created some social media icons that you really like. Or maybe you just need a social media icon that we don't have. Well now you can upload your own custom social media icons. You can use all custom icons, or mix them with ours, it's up to you.

New social media icon colors and styles

We've added some nice new colors and different styled social media icons in V2.0. With colors like bubblegum, watermelon, bluesteel and cider, you're sure to find a color that suits your needs! In addition to our square rounded corner social icons that we had in V1.0, new styles in V2.0 include round, square and circle outline. We've also added some cool new holiday themed icons too, like stars, snowflakes, baubles and Christmas trees. And of course our Halloween icons are still available, in Ghosts, Pumpkins and Bats. Why not check them all out in your V2.0 account now.

New Christmas Social Media Icons

hover to open options

New Bubblegum Round Social Media Icons

bubblegum social media icons email signature

International characters are now supported

For our international customers, you can include your own language in label or text fields, so if you prefer to write téléphone or 电话, you can include international characters in V2.0.

Turn on/off short links

You can now turn on short links in your email signature. For users who use Gmail or any of the online email clients that have character limits, using short links in your email signature can allow more room for, say another social media icon, or perhaps a text link that is required. It also fixes a few other issues that you can read about here. The option to turn on short links in your email signature can be found under Profile > Settings.

email signature settings
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