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  • The Ultimate Guide To Creating Awesome Gmail Signatures
20 email signature templates

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Awesome Gmail Signatures

If you're looking for a better way to market your business or brand, now is the time to add a brand new signature to your Gmail emails.

You send emails from Gmail throughout the day. You should be taking every opportunity to showcase your business and brand to existing clients, potential clients and even your friends and family.

An email signature can be your ultimate asset for your branding and marketing plans. Let's take a deeper look into tips and tricks for creating signatures in our Ultimate Guide for Creating Awesome Gmail Signatures.

Why add a signature to the bottom of your Gmail emails

Any email you send from Gmail without an email signature is a missed marketing opportunity.

The bottom of your email is a big empty advertising space just waiting to be filled. It's ripe for a professional email signature and if done right, your business and brand can benefit from seizing all that under-utilized space too.

Email signatures are an essential part of an overall email marketing strategy.

Email marketing is one of the most proven and popular methods of marketing in today's technology-focused world. A professional Gmail signature can set you apart from the rest of the competition and should definitely be considered in any successful email marketing strategy, to ensure that you are utilizing every opportunity to promote your brand and business.

Adding a signature to your Gmail emails

You can add either a plain text signature or a HTML email signature to Gmail on your Webmail and iOS app. That's nerd speak for adding a signature in on your desktop (where you login through your web browser) and the Gmail App on your iPhone or iPad.

At the time of writing this article (September 2016), you can still only add plain text signatures to your Gmail App on your Android devices. The Android OS has been lacking in support for HTML email signatures since they launched and still haven't got it right.

To setup either a plain text or HTML signature in Gmail, follow our easy Gmail installation guide.

Reasons to change your current Gmail signature

There's a few reasons to consider changing your signature in Gmail.

You're only using a plain text Gmail signature

If you are only using plain text signature, you're missing out on all the fun stuff like links, images and colors. Consider upgrading to a HTML signature to make use of all these things. Use your branding color to add highlights to your email signature design and accentuate your business logo. Add social media icons for aesthetics as well as function, giving your email recipients an easy way to find out more about you online.

It's not your dream email signature design

gmail signature dream

Your dream email signature should be exactly how you picture it in your head. It might be colorful and fun, modern, cute, professional or corporate in it's design. Whatever your dream email signature design is, if it's not your current Gmail signature, change it.

An email signature should include at the very least, your name, position/role, company name, link to company website, email address, logo and social media icons as a start.

More information can be included if you need it, like banner ads, telephone numbers, additional websites, emails and other call to action text and buttons. You can use your email signature to promote your latest sale or offer easy links to online booking software to setup and schedule meetings.

Not tested across all major email clients

If you're using a HTML email signature in Gmail, have you tested it across all other email clients, apps, OS, screen sizes and devices? You might have sent yourself a test email in Gmail to check if your signature looks good, but all email clients render HTML differently.

Just like you would design, code and test HTML email newsletters, your Gmail signature also needs to be professionally designed, coded and tested too.

If you don't test the HTML in your signature, it might not be looking as professional as you think it is, when your email recipients receive it. You need to test it across all major email clients and apps (like we do) to ensure that it looks good, no matter where it's received.

If your current Gmail signature offers all of this, then you're on the right path. If it doesn't, you should consider changing it.

large email signature images

Recommended image sizes for Gmail signatures

There is no right or wrong answer to the size of the images you include in your signature, but there is a professional design opinion and that's what we're offering today.

Large Images

As with most things in life, there's a time and place for everything. If you're considering using large images in your Gmail signature design, they can look really great, especially when done right like our Hareee example.

Some other reasons why you might choose to use large images in your include showing off:

  • Professional photography
  • Property developments and land releases
  • Company/team/office photo shoots
  • Photos of restaurant seating and menus

Large profile photos, headshots or business logos

In our professional opinion, there is no place for including really large business logos or profile photos, like this example. Just think, it could be a little startling to your email receivers when they receive a life size version of you in their inbox.

large email signature image profile

Here's a much better way to include a larger profile photo if you really want to. Having a purpose for the large photo to show off your shop or products is a much better idea, than just a really large headshot of yourself.

email signature photo profile large with background

As for your logo, it doesn't need to be huge to stand out and be memorable. Check out this nice Gmail signature design with a small logo - it has just as much, if not more impact being small than it would if it were two or three times bigger.

small logo email signature example

Reasons not to include large images in your Gmail signature

If you're still contemplating using large images in your signature, you should also be aware that large images cost your email recipients bandwidth to download them, not to mention their time on slow internet connections.

Plus if you're using retina images in your signature, it's probably best to avoid using really large images, due to the size of the already large image now being at least double in size.

Also, you'll need to check and make sure any large images still fit and look nice on mobile devices. All email clients and email apps show images differently. Some might scale the image to a nice size for the screen for you, but others don't scale images at all, so the size you send, is exactly the size shown on the screen.

Medium Images

We're going to go ahead and say that medium size images do have a place in good Gmail email signature design. Medium sized images can be used really well in banner images to show off particular products, events, services or sales, like this example below.

medium email signature images

You can use medium sized images for portrait and profile images too. But be careful not to go overboard. There is a fine line between a medium profile photo and a large one. We'd go with more of an in-between small to medium size profile photo rather than medium to large.

Check out our example below of what we could consider a medium size image in an email signature and compare it to the large one above.

medium email signature images profile

Small Images

Small size images work really great with profile photos and logos in your Gmail signature. They don't cost your receivers a tonne of data download and their quick to show up inline, even with slow internet connections.

small image email signature small image email signature formal small image email signature

Best yet, when you use small images and make them retina-compatible (by essentially doubling their size), they are still pretty small in size. And the smaller you go, the more likely they will fit and look nice on mobile devices too.

Our best advice and recommendation for size of images in your Gmail signatures

Our best advice would be to include small to medium size images for logos and profile photos. And small to medium size images for banners. Only include large images if it's for a good purpose.

Should I add banner images to my Gmail signature?

Again, heed our earlier advice and only include banner images if they really do add to the signature design and serve a purpose. Consider getting a professional to design your banner images if you're thinking of including them or use professional photos or images if you already have them.

animated gif example

Using animated gifs in your Gmail signature

You can use animated gifs in your Gmail signature. Animated gifs used well, can draw the attention of the reader's eye directly to where you want it - on your email signature.

Check out this example of an email signature design with a subtle animated gif included. It's not hard to make an animated gif like this, this one is only two frames, but it does brings a splash of personality and creativity into the design.

You can make your own animated gifs just like this, using Photoshop or any online gif creator like First, take some photos of yourself or your employees in a few different poses. Next, add them into the website and ta-da, your animated gifs are ready to add to your signature.

Tip: Tick the Bypass Uploader checkbox if using our software to upload your gifs

If you're using our Email Signature Rescue software, you just need to tick the "Bypass Uploader" checkbox when uploading your animated gifs to any of the image positions, so our software doesn't resize or compress the image. Because you can't resize the animated gif in our software like you can with other image types, you will need to have your animated gifs saved as the exact size you would like them to appear in your email signature before you upload it.

Fonts to use in your Gmail signature

The following list of fonts are safe to use in Gmail signatures. They are included in our Email Signature Rescue software, as most PCs and Macs have these fonts installed.

Arial, Tahoma, Verdana. Trebuchet, Courier, Lucida, Times New Roman, Georgia and Palatino.

Impact and Arial Black fonts are now also included in Windows 10 and are in OSX/macOS software, but be warned because any users using earlier versions of Windows won't see these fonts.

Why can't I use Google Fonts or Web Fonts in my Gmail signature?

Well it's not so much that you can't use them, but that if you do use Google Fonts or Web fonts in your signature, you run the risk of the formatting of the signature changing when it's viewed by users who don't have that font installed.

There are ways of including Google fonts in HTML email signatures sent from some email clients, but unless your recipient has that exact font installed in their PC or Mac too, they won't see the email signature like you intended it to be seen. They will see it with a fallback font like Arial or Times New Roman and this can cause all sorts of other problems with line heights and throw out the entire Gmail signature design.

Our best recommendation is stick to using the above fonts that come pre-installed in macOS and Windows software. If you have a special need for including a web font as it forms part of a logo, or must be used as part of branding guidelines, consider using it in an image instead.

Character limits in Gmail signatures

If you've ever designed, coded and tested a HTML email signature, only to find when you try to add it into Gmail and get the dreaded "sorry your email signature is too long" message, you understand the pain of creating HTML signatures that fit into Gmail.

Gmail does enforce a character limit when you're installing a signature through the native Gmail settings. It's around 10,000 characters. We have installed signatures with a few more than 10,000 characters, but as a rough guide, it's around this number.

If you want to include a signature larger than 10,000 characters, download our free Gmail Browser Extension. It adds the signature's HTML code directly into your Gmail email message, each time you compose a new email, so you can override the character limit.

Tip: You can't use our Browser Extension if you're using your HTML signature in the Gmail App on iOS too

You will need to make your email signature less than 10,000 characters to fit into the Gmail native settings, if you're planning on using your email signature on the Gmail App on iOS too. In order for the extension to work, you have to disable the email signature in your Gmail Webmail client, which will also disable it for your iOS Gmail App too.

We have a really handy character counter feature that counts the characters while you're creating your Gmail signature. If you're really struggling with this, consider joining to use this feature and create a signature that will fit into Gmail.

Measure and track the performance of your Gmail signature

If you have Google Analytics installed on the website where you're sending visitors that click on the links in your Gmail signature, you can track those clicks and measure the performance of your signature in your Google Analytics reports. You just need to setup a custom campaign code to add the end of each URL in your email signature.

Here's an example of a custom campaign code you can add to the end of your URLs. To see the reports on traffic coming from your email signature go to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns in your Google Analytics report.


After all this, why bother designing, coding and testing your own HTML signature for Gmail

Why bother designing, coding and testing your own HTML signature for Gmail when you can just download our awesome Gmail email signature templates and use our Email Signature Rescue software to customize them instead.

If you want a quick and easy solution to the problem of creating the ultimate, awesome Gmail signature which has been professionally designed, coded and tested, consider joining Email Signature Rescue.

We've done all the hard work for you, the fun part of customizing the Gmail signature template is up to you. And you can rest assured that your Gmail signature is going to look good in over 45 major email clients and apps too.

We have plans for solopreneurs, small businesses, medium business and corporate business. We also have solutions for Agencies and Designers that need to create awesome Gmail signatures for their own clients.

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