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Super easy HTML
email signatures

Free Email Signature Templates. Don't Waste Your Time.

I want to tell you a story about why when comparing free email signature templates to paid email signature templates, paid wins hands-down every time.

The best way I can tell you this story is in the form of a user story involving a fictional user, let's call her Helen and what happened when she searched for free email signature templates online.

free email signature templates

I'll tell you why downloading a free HTML email signature template or using a free email signature generator, just isn't going to give Helen the best results for a professional email signature template design and will become a total waste of Helen's valuable time.

Meet Helen.

Helen is a Lawyer. After years working as part of a team in a legal firm, Helen makes the bold step and ventures out and starts her very own law firm.

She enlists the services of a Designer for her logo and business cards and a Web Developer for her website and email setup.

After a few months, she receives her first referral through her website. Helen hits reply on the email she has just received with excitement, however she then realizes that she doesn't have a professional email signature at the end of the email, like she had at her old law firm.

What will her first client think of her? Will she think she's professional enough to take on the work or just small-fry?

Helen searches Google for free email signature templates.

Searching Google, Helen finds a few different options for email signatures. She finds a website that allows her to download a free email signature template, fully coded in HTML and ready to install into her email program. Perfect!

She uses Outlook 2016 on her desktop, iPhone Mail when she's out and about and Gmail when she's working on her laptop at night.

Helen finds it hard to adjust the free template to meet her requirements.

template notepad

Helen downloads the email signature template and then opens it in a code editor, like Notepad. But the code may as well be written in Japanese because this is when Helen realizes she simply doesn't know enough about HTML code and finds it hard to adjust the template to meet her requirements.

Questions begin filling Helen's mind.

  • How do I upload an image to a web server and include it in the HTML code?
  • How do I add links to all my social pages like Twitter and Facebook?
  • What's a div? What's a td?
  • Has this free email signature template been tested across all major email clients? Will it look good when I email it to my client?
  • When I remove parts of this email signature template that I don't need it messes up the whole design, how can I remove parts without ruining the design?
  • When I alter labels and prefixes like t. before telephone it throws the whole email signature design out, how can I alter these without affecting the design?
  • Why are my images fuzzy/blurry on HD devices like iPhones and iPads?
  • My logo doesn't really suit this template, how can I change the design around to suit it?

The list goes on.

Wasted time.

Helen's wasted a great deal of time trying to alter the template to suit her own requirements, she gives up and says she'll try to find a different solution tomorrow. She wishes she could have replied to that email quicker but promises herself, she will do it first thing in the morning.

Free Email Signature Template Generator

The next morning Helen wakes up with a determination to find a free email signature template generator, that will produce the template for her and allow her to make the adjustments that she needs to. She googles "free email signature generator" and finds one that she thinks could do the job.

However, looking into the fine print, Helen discovers that the information she enters into the "free email signature generator" can be used by that company for marketing or even sold on to many other third party companies for marketing purposes.

Before you go putting all your private contact details into a Free Email Signature Generator...

Think about this for a second. The amount of information you put into your email signature is very detailed and relevant user data... and that is a Marketer's dream. Why is this website offering this free email signature generator for nothing in return?

Easy, it's not.

It's selling your private information to third parties or using it themselves to promote their own products and services. This excerpt is taken directly from a free email signature generator's privacy policy, currently sitting at the number one position on Google's front page.

free email signature generator privacy policy

Not only are you entering your name, email address and position at a company, you are also in most cases, entering telephone numbers, mobile numbers and links to all your social media profiles. And you are also most likely agreeing to be contacted by that company and any other companies they are affiliated with, and they have all of this information about you to target you with advertisements and products.

Helen scraps that idea immediately due to privacy concerns. It's back to work for now, but she will continue investigating email signature solutions tomorrow.

Finding a better solution.

It's now the third day after Helen began looking for free email signature templates. Helen gets back on to Google first thing in the morning, determined to find a better solution to her problem of creating a professional email signature, easily and quickly.

email signature gif creator

She finds Email Signature Rescue and instantly sees that it has an online editor that will solve the issues she's having in adjusting the template for her needs. Could this be the answer to her problems?

The answer to her problems.

Reading on, she also see's that the email signature templates have been tested to remain as consistently designed as possible across all major email clients, ensuring that her email signature will look great, no matter which email client it's received in.

There's 20 email signature templates included and she can change and preview designs to suit her logo right in the live preview editor.

Images are hosted and inserted into the email signature correctly, so they don't show up as attachments.

There's an easy image uploader, which also helps crop, resize and even circle-crop images for that professional touch.

And over 100,000 social media icons are ready to be added with just a click of a button.

And her private details remain private.

This time she doesn't even hesitate. She knows the alternative is countless hours of adjusting HTML code and designing only a mediocre email signature. She signs up, creates an email signature template, uploads images, turns on retina images and adds social media icons that link to all her social media pages in under ten minutes.

Easy installation in all her email clients.

Then she installs her new email signature template following our easy installation guides in all three of her email clients, Outlook 2016, Gmail and iPhone Mail.

helen quote

Why didn't I just do this the first time, she thinks. I spent all that money on designing a nice logo and a new website, but I wouldn't spend a few extra dollars a year to have a professionally designed, coded and tested HTML email signature that works in all my email clients?! I now know why it's worth the money. Now I can get on with emailing my first client back and I can look professional!

Don't waste your time like Helen.

So there you have it. This is why downloading a free email signature template just won't cut it. Get started now and don't waste your time like Helen.

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Everything you need to create, customize, manage and deploy HTML email signatures.

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No design skills required. Your signatures will look as beautiful as our examples. 20 easy to customize templates included.

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Create, customize, edit, manage and deploy HTML email signatures from one central, easy to use system.

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No expensive IT staff, developers or designers needed. From signature design, to installation and support, we take care of it all.

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10, 20, 30 or 100 staff? No worries! Duplicate signatures you’ve already created from the Dashboard to create multiple signatures quickly.

Support if you need it

Hit a snag? Help is only an email away. We're here for help with any design, installation and technical issues, should you need us.

Email Signature Software for Businesses and Designers.