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6 simple steps to increase business exposure using only your email

Almost everyone with a professional career uses email daily as a means of communication and point of contact, but have you ever thought of using email as a form of marketing?

In 2015, the number of emails sent and received per day totaled over 205 billion. If every one of these emails was sent with an email signature, networking and business exposure worldwide would increase tenfold. We understand that you don't send this many emails, however the same principal applies. By sending an email signature with every email, you're increasing business and brand exposure through the form of a digital business card.

We've come up with 6 very simple steps that you can take to increase your business and brand exposure via email that works for anyone!

Stick to the basics

Think of your email signature as a business card. The recipient's of your emails don't care about your daily quote and you likely wouldn't print that on a business card.

Include information that is beneficial to your recipient like the following:

  • Name
  • Role
  • Company Name
  • Contact Number
  • Website Link
  • Company Logo or Personal Headshot
  • Social Icons

keep it simple

Use color, but not too much

You want your email signature to stand out right? When you're reading an email, you're generally staring at a white page, adding some color to your email signature will make it stand out and attract the attention of the reader.

Use two or three colors that reflect your business branding and make it that much more eye-catching!

use color but not too much

Links, Use Links!

The biggest benefit to an email signature is that unlike a business card, you can direct your recipients to any website you like with the simple click of a button. One of those small annoyances in life is seeing a web link, clicking on it and nothing happening. Save your readers the time and link your website URL directly to your website, link your logo to your website, heck even add a link saying "Visit my website!" and direct them to your website.

use color but not too much

Promote Social Media

Facebook has 1.59 billion users worldwide, whilst Twitter has 310 million users monthly! With users around the world spending an average time of 20+ minutes per day on Facebook, is now the most valuable internet property on the web today. What better place to market your business right?

It's very likely that you've created a page for your business on Facebook to create exposure, and probably on other social media platforms too. Adding social media icons to your email signature and linking them to your pages can see massive increases in traffic and is probably one of the most under utilized strategies when it comes to marketing via email.

1.59 billion facebook users worldwide

Catch their eye

catch their eye with banner imagesWe're not talking about color again, this time we're talking about banner images! Adding an eye catching banner image to the bottom of your email signature will really grab your readers attention. Whether it be informing them of an upcoming event, a new product you're releasing or even promoting a sale or discount, having a banner image is a sure way to attract your readers to click on it.

See it for yourself

Having a great email signature that catches your eye and has links it's surely going to increase traffic and business exposure right? Right. But you also want living proof of this which you can do by adding Google Analytics tracking to all of your links. Once you've done this you can login to your Google Analytics account and see which links are clicked more to grasp an idea of how your reader thinks.

This is a great way to test out having different banner images to see which gain a better response from your target audience.

track your clicks

So there you have it. Emails don't have to be boring, and quite frankly if you don't have an email signature you're missing out on a big marketing opportunity for your business also!

We understand that it's extremely difficult to design and code your own email signatures, especially if you have no clue what you're doing. That's what we at Email Signature Rescue are here for. We take all of the hard work out of it and leave the designing and fun part up to you.

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