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17 Great Minimalist Email Signature Designs

17 of the greatest minimal email signature designs created by our customers

Whether you work for a business, or run your own, you're more than likely using some form of email as a means of contact with customers, clients, colleagues or business contacts.

Emails can say a lot about a specific individual or business, how the emails are written and how they're displayed.

An email is often the first point of communication a consumer has with your business or brand so it is important to come across as professional as possible. Having a professional email signature with each email you send is the best way to accomplish this.

This brings us to how your email signature should look. There is no right or wrong way to how an email signature should look, but there are definitely some unwritten laws and some designs that are more effective than others.

Some of the most effective designs of email signatures are actually the ones that are the most simple and contain minimal information.

Below are 17 of the best minimal email signature designs that are eye-catching and straight to the point.

We love the use of the minimal black icons on this email signature by The Home Edit.

Red, Grey and Purple make a great colour combination, the Ladybug House's email signature is a great example of a minimal email signature, using just a few colors.

Matching your email signature's color scheme to your logo gives you a professional look. Marcus Brown Properties have achieved this perfectly in their minimalist email signature.

Paprikas Studio uses slightly lighter shades of grey and blue in their email signature which looks great and is easier on the eyes.

The excellent use of smaller font works perfectly with Online Voices' logo and slims down what otherwise would have been a large and bulky email signature.

Black. This one simple color (or lack of) makes for a simple yet powerful minimal email signature that ties in well with Four Design's branding.

Horizontal Template

We Love To Travel have positioned their Group logo perfectly to give their signature a nice shape and the use of brand color emphasizes that.

The Professional Template

Relish Kitchen's signature is kept simple with only four contact details; name, telephone, website and street address. Their large logo looks great with the social icon balanced to the side.

The Professional Template

This minimal yet compact signature uses the color green extremely well with the green text icon adding a little extra to the end. The signature also looks great on mobile!

Corporate Template

We absolutely love this signature! The small serif text with the social icons beneath the horizontal rule at the bottom add a uniqueness to the signature which really makes it stand out.

Color Bar Template

Again, a very clean signature that uses their color branding perfectly with a nice grey base font.

The Professional Template

Drake Wealth Management added their own custom social icons that align perfectly with the bottom of their logo, making it a very easy to contact signature.

Articulate Template

The subtle use of three tones of grey with Arngrimsson Advisors signature looks excellent. Their logo adds a nice finish to the signature.

The Professional Template

Apkudo's signature uses a unique range of colors in hot pink, gold and black which works surprisingly well. The custom honeycomb style social icons look great.

The Professional Template

Presentation Partners have kept their signatures extremely minimalist with only the essentials. The separator's help space out the contact information extremely well.

Horizontal Template

Alyssa opted for a round circle cropped portrait photo of herself which we love in signatures. It makes the signature more personal so you know exactly who you're speaking with. The inverted social icons look magnificent with the rest of the signature.

The Professional Template

The small text size matches Enlightened Apparel's logo perfectly and give this small signature a unique look. If only that Facebook social icon was square like the rest!

The Professional Template

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