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Update Notes

January 2018

New Feature
  • Launched All-New Signature Installer for macOS featuring auto-update functionality.
UI Changes
  • Updated image uploader with new text and replace image button.

December 2017

New Feature
  • Added new web extension privacy policy.
  • Added multiple lines to address fields.
  • Added image alignment option.
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved Firefox web extension connection issue.
Functionality Fixes
  • Swap Icon button not working correctly.
Template Fixes
  • Website and Email addresses not showing on Professional template.
UI Changes
  • Updated confirmation button when removing default image.
  • Updated plan dispute text.

October 2017

New Feature
  • Added new UTF-8 Character Entities.
UI Changes
  • Privacy Text and Green Message to be disabled by default.

September 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Colour picker not showing uploaded images.
  • Spacer row removed when no icons are present.
Template Fixes
  • Added code to ALL templates to overwrite styling on iOS devices.
  • Solo templates removing spacing when tagline disabled.

August 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Email and Website fields not displaying in signatures.
  • Web extension requesting access to dev server.
Functionality Fixes
  • Resolved Stripe member issues.
  • Allow expiring credit card to be used.
Template Fixes
  • Fixed Understated template issue.
  • Fixed issues with Solo templates.
UI Changes
  • Sort templates alphabetically.
  • Changed styling on Add New Credit Card modal.

July 2017

New Feature
  • Added 6 new templates (Solo variations).
  • Added Impact and Arial Black fonts to font-override.
  • Added pagination to Invoices tab.
  • Added functionality to close notification bar.
  • Updated Privacy Text formatting.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed duplicating banner image issue.
Functionality Fixes
  • Removed ability to duplicate banner on Messages tab.

June 2017

New Feature
  • Added new design features (Name and Company font/size override).
  • Added colour picker (eyedrop tool) to Base and Feature colour selector.
  • Added new key button and modal to allow for refresh, email and copying of the signature key.
  • Added new design feature (Adjust color bar width).
  • Updated Affiliate Program tab.
  • Added help text and links to Design tab.
  • Updated Create New Signature modal text.
  • Updated Email modal text.
  • Updated Help URL's to direct to new page.
  • Launched new Safari browser extension.
Bug Fixes
  • Read More link not working correctly.
Functionality Fixes
  • Removed echeque payment method.
  • Affiliate program not recording sales correctly.
  • Fixed circle crop bug.
Template Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Formal 2 template.
  • Fixed bug with role field not switching off in Horizontal Bar template.

May 2017

New Feature
  • Added option to turn on or off auto-update functionality in Settings.
  • Blank fields to auto-disable.
  • Added new plans for all currencies (20, 40, 60, 70, 90).
  • Added Email All Keys button to dashboard.
  • Added information to Upgrade Plan page.
Bug Fixes
  • Signature key still showing when user account is cancelled.
  • No Image option for Base Image leaving gap.
  • Signatures not creating unique key when duplicated.
  • Bypass Uploader was resizing images.
Functionality Fixes
  • Web extension not working with Google Inbox.
  • Updated extension for Google Inbox and Gmail.
  • Link URL to automatically replicate field text.
  • Short Links were broken.
Template Fixes
  • Disabled Mobile 2, Fax and Postal Address fields by default.

March 2017

New Feature
  • Added South African Rand (ZAR) currency.
  • Added Brazillian Real (BRL) currency.
  • Added UAE Dirham (AED) currency.
  • Added Polish złoty (PLN) currency.
  • Added Swedish Krona (SEK) currency.
  • Added New Zealand Dollar (NZD) currency.
  • Added Do Not Contact option.
Functionality Fixes
  • Changed credit card expiry date to text field instead of drop-down.
  • Updated extension for Google Inbox and Gmail.
  • Multi-signature functionality fixed with web extension in G Suite.
  • Firefox extension not working with Office 365 and
Template Fixes
  • Updated Articulate template.

January 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Signature key still showing when user account is cancelled.
Functionality Fixes
  • Web extension not working with Google Inbox.
  • Updated extension for Google Inbox and Gmail.

December 2016

New Feature
  • Allow mailto field to include subject.
  • Add character encoding options to Settings.
Functionality Fixes
  • Remove animated loading GIF from system.

November 2016

New Feature
  • Added new retina social icons.
  • Image uploader can maintain aspect ratio by holding shift key.
  • Developed new native web extension for Google Chrome.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed icon shape style bug.
Functionality Fixes
  • Made system changes to allow for retina social icons.

October 2016

New Feature
  • Added ability to delete account-wide custom icons.
  • Image uploader can maintain aspect ratio by holding shift key.
  • Developed new native web extension for Google Chrome.
Functionality Fixes
  • Updated the custom social icon naming method.
  • Updated the Email Receipt template.

August 2016

New Feature
  • Added feature allowing users to receive 1 free signature for social sharing on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Added new Affiliate Program.
  • Added LinkedIn to social sharing feature.
  • Added new Member Profile fields.
Bug Fixes
  • Users don't have Add Base Image option.
  • Fixed duplicate signature issues.
Functionality Fixes
  • Web extension not working with Office 365.
  • Social icon search now searches when pressing Enter key.
Template Fixes
  • Double gap within Div Party template.
  • Extra row removed from Articulate template.

July 2016

New Feature
  • Updated Twitter social icons for new logo.
  • Added new failed payment email notifications.
  • Added new validation characters for social icon links.
  • Added new feature and functionality to allow for the upload of high quality images for retina devices.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Text Link gap.
  • Blank text link causing visual issues.
  • Fixed member payment issues when switching from PayPal to Stripe.
  • Unable to add new plan to expired accounts.
Functionality Fixes
  • Web extension not working with Office 365.
  • Reduced character validation limit for Name and Role fields on signature creation.
Template Fixes
  • Fixed Market Me Series 1 template issue.
  • Fixed Articulate template issue.
  • Add new code to ALL templates for retina and hi-dpi image support.
  • Fixed separator issues on multiple templates.
UI Changes
  • Fixed incorrect height of main content block on IE.
  • Fixed wrong sizes of images on Scale step when uploading images in IE.
  • Horizontal scroll showing in IE when users have no signatures or active plan.

June 2016

New Feature
  • Allow Skype link validation to be entered for URL's.
  • Allow link validation for Whatsapp command.
  • Add character count button so users know exactly how many characters their signature contains (inc. HTML).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed JS error with circle crop feature.
  • Fixed issue with circle crop reverting to square crop when adjusting size.
  • Read more styling applying to whole Privacy Text.
  • Banner image settings not duplicating correctly.
  • Downgrade invoices not displaying in Invoices tab.
  • Social icon search feature not working.
  • Refunds via PayPal aren't showing in Invoices tab.
  • Blank row being inserted when banner image is set to No Image.
Functionality Fixes
  • Fixed issue with email address in Stripe not reflecting an updated email address in user's Member Profile.
  • Welcome email not sending after signing up with PayPal.
  • Country selection box not working with Safari.
  • Removed comments and live preview code from final HTML signature code.
  • Send automated email when account is cancelled immediately.
Template Fixes
  • Fixed Understated template issue.
  • Fixed issue with numbers displaying in Horizontal Bar template.
  • Fixed separator bug with Horizontal template.
  • Fixed separator 1 bug with Horizontal Bar template.

May 2016

New Feature
  • Added Notification messages to the system.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Cancel Account error with PayPal Debug.
  • Fixed member PayPal issues.
Functionality Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing scheduled cancellation feature to immediately cancel accounts.
  • Fixed issue causing incorrect month to be selected for credit cards.
  • Fixed issue with message appearing after clicking Pay Now button.
  • Changed the plan upgrade process.
  • System sending suspended emails at the same time as account cancelled immediately emails.
  • Improved performance in IE.
Template Fixes
  • Fixed Horizontal Bar template issue.
  • Fixed Professional template issue.

April 2016

New Feature
  • Ported web extensions to native Firefox platform.
  • Added new Understated Flexi template.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Cancel Account error with PayPal Debug.
  • Fixed issue with recurring PayPal subscriptions.
  • Fixed broken circle crop feature.
  • Fixed label issue.
Template Fixes
  • Fixed Formal 3 template issue
  • Fixed separator alignment issue with Professional template.
  • Fixed Horizontal template issue.
UI Changes
  • Updated Pay Now tooltip spelling.

March 2016

New Feature
  • Added feature to include separators in email signatures.
  • Added new Understated Flexi template.
Bug Fixes
  • Web extension not working with Office 365.
  • Icons not displaying properly.
  • Fullstop in vcard cancels rest of the name.
  • Fixed recurring payments in Stripe.
  • Image height and width calculations changed.
  • Issue with email and website field changing to previously selected base colour.
  • Web extension not working with Office 365.
  • Fixed alignment issues for separators.
UI Changes
  • Styling changes made to dashboard for mobile view.
  • Removed Help from left menu.

January 2016

New Feature
  • Added progress bar for updating default images to all signature.
Bug Fixes
  • Update syntax for vcard.
  • Fixed image uploader compressing images on Bypass option.
  • Default banner image not duplicating when signature is duplicated.
  • Mass Default Images Upload not working correctly.
  • Web Extension listed on Mozilla Firefox marketplace.

December 2015

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed image path overwrite.
UI Changes
  • Add PNG social icons to system and re-order.

November 2015

New Feature
  • Added Scale for Retina   Hi-DPI option.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed web extension not working with Office 365.
  • Fixed web extension issue with Google Chrome.
  • Fixed issue with social icons stretching by 1px in height.
Template Fixes
  • Fixed bug with Color Bar template.
  • Fixed bug with Business 2 template.
  • Change code to constrain image size for retina devices.
Functionality Changes
  • Remove page loading spinner and overlay.

October 2015

New Features
  • Added 42 new social platforms.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed web extension not working with Office 365 and
  • Resolved virus detection issue with web extension.
  • Fixed account renewal issues.
  • Recurring PayPal subscriptions not updating correctly.
  • Fixed user subscription issues.
Template Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Business 2 template doubling website and email fields.
Functionality Changes
  • Allow longer domains for link validation.

September 2015

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed banner images being duplicated to two rows.
  • Fix payment proration issue.
  • Fixed account renewal issues.
  • Recurring PayPal subscriptions not updating correctly.
Functionality Changes
  • Swap in new Google Analytics code.

August 2015

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed automated emails not sending for disabled users.
Template Fixes
  • Change no image gap code for ALL templates.

July 2015

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed image crop tools not showing on initial upload.
  • Fixed various member issues.
Template Fixes
  • Remove spacer images and replace with code solution for ALL templates.
UI Changes
  • Update image modal text.

June 2015

New Features
  • Add EURO legal message.
Bug Fixes
  • Privacy Text additional link fixed.
  • Fix image uploader enlarging small images.
  • Fix privacy text and green message issue.
  • Addressed member issues.
  • Addressed critical issues.
  • Labels set to 20px width forcing text to go down to two lines.
Functionality Changes
  • Add card error. If payment fails, user is placed on no plan (disabled status).
  • System to delete member signatures when account is cancelled.
UI Changes
  • Add notification for users not assigned to plan or are inactive.

May 2015

Bug Fixes
  • Label spacing issue.
  • Edit Signature screen hanging after duplicating signature.
Functionality Fixes
  • Member images haven't moved across from v1.0 platform successfully.
  • Fix failing Stripe payments.
UI Changes
  • Add new credit card error.
  • Update sign up page UI.

April 2015

Bug Fixes
  • Users couldn't upload images larger than 100kb.
Template Fixes
  • Added adaptive td height for text details.
  • Replace link-height misspelling with line-height.
  • Added adaptive td height for text details.

BETA Testing v2.0 - January - March 2015

New Features
  • New social icons added. Yelp, Xing & more.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix 500 Error when signing up for 50 Signature Plan.
  • Partial refund displaying as full refund in Member Profile.
  • Email Receipt button not working.
  • Green message radio buttons disappearing when changing icon.
  • Fixed issue saying Registration Complete before payment had been made.
  • Fixed issue saying there's no card on file when there was.
  • Account created successfully via Stripe payment, but signatures not allocated.
  • Duplicate Signature function not working
Template Fixes
  • Updated code in ALL templates to correct text size when sending from Gmail.
  • Bullet separator shows for Role field even when disabled with Professional template.
  • Pipe separators not aligning correctly on Business & Horizontal templates.
  • Role doesn't turn off and stays on with Div Party template.
Functionality Changes
  • Fixed a delay between user registering account and the signatures being allocated.
  • Remove Sans Serif font option.
  • Allow UTF-8 characters in email field.
UI Changes
  • Add in spacer resizing.
  • Add in social icon resizing.
  • Input field for social icon link is too short. Has been extended.
  • Base and Feature color palette updated to match icon color presets.
  • Styling changes to Links tab, making social icons easier to find.
  • Check generated signatures for extra unnecessary code and remove.


  • Major update in 2015. Email Signature Rescue V2.0 is coming soon in 2015. Watch a demo video of all the new features.
  • 22nd October 2014 Website updated. Pagination and search added to software to help users locate signatures more easily. Minimal versions of all templates added.
  • 17th October 2014 New Email Signature Template added, the Formal Email Signature Template.
  • 11th October 2014 New Halloween Social Icons added. Learn more.
  • September 2014 Market Me Series Template Launched.
  • August 2014 5000 email signatures created.
  • July 2014 Email Signature Rescue V2.0 coming soon. Read more. And we've reached 1,500 customers, creating over 4,000 unique email signatures!
  • June 2014 Released Understated and first of the Planet Series templates.
  • March 2014 - We've reached 1,000 customers! Awesome!
  • November 2013 - The Business and The Corporate Templates released.
  • September - We've reached 500 customers! Amazing! See our Facebook post
  • July 2013 - Version 1.1 released, greatly improved image uploader (removed multiple images, better crop, scale and UI), added new help section tab including better access to Installation Instructions, Knowledgebase and introduced Support Tickets and added new templates "Corporate" and "Socialite" and minimal versions of many current templates.
  • June 2013 - Change to Apple Mail installation guide due to Apple Mail upgrade issue
  • May 2013 - new template released
  • April 2013 - new Colorbar template released, improved image upload functionality
  • March 2013 - improved UI, new Horizontal and Horizontal Bar template released, more support articles added
  • February 2013 - minor fixes to image upload functionality
  • January 2013 - Launch
Over 90,000 email signatures created with Email Signature Rescue
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