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  • Affiliates
  • Ideal for designers and agencies that want to refer their own clients to Email Signature Rescue and earn a commission for doing so.
  • Refer Unlimited Clients and earn commissions
  • 40% Commission on initial sale
  • Links valid for up to 6 months
  • Affiliate Support
  • Hands off: Send your clients to us using your affiliate link, let them control the signature designs and you earn a commission.

  • Resellers
  • Ideal for designers and agencies that want creative control over their client's email signature designs and to use our software and tools to create them.
  • Add Unlimited Clients to your Dashboard
  • 20% Reseller discount on all plans
  • Whitelabel PDF Installation Guides
  • Reseller Support
  • Hands on: you would like creative control over the design of the email signatures for your clients and charge your clients directly.


Here is all the information you need to know.

We would love to have you on board as an Email Signature Rescue Agency Partner.

Fellow Agencies, Developers & Designers - this one's for you.

We've had a ton of web designers, developers and marketing agencies contact us, wanting to use our code for their own clients. We've listened and now we're busy working on our Reseller features.

If you need to create consistently compatible email signatures for your own clients, we're here to help. Email Signature Rescue V2.0 has recently launched with some awesome new features for our web designer friends and soon you will have the ability to re-sell our templates to your own clients easily and manage all your clients from your own white labelled administrator dashboard.

How much should I charge to create an Email Signature?

Why choose Email Signature Rescue as your preferred Partner?

corporate email signature example Access our handcrafted, quality HTML code written by design professionals with over 10 years experience in HTML programming, specializing in HTML email signature design.
All of our email signatures have been tested to work across major email client software, something that as a Designer or Developer, you have no doubt struggled with in the past.
Login to your own Reseller Dashboard to edit, delete, duplicate and create new email signatures at any time.
Gain access to our growing range of awesome signature designs, that make creating your client's email signatures a breeze. We add more designs throughout the year, so no matter what design is needed, we have you covered.
Host all client images on an amazingly fast CDN with guaranteed uptime and we give you access to our image library too, to add cool stuff like over 100,000 social icons to link to all your client's favorite social networks too!
And finally, what good is a great email signature if your clients don't know how to install them in their own email software. We offer unbranded/whitelabel PDFs and video email signature installation guides too.

What don’t I get?

There’s no catch. We include all features on our Reseller plans.

What will I pay?

7 day money back guarantee

It's free to join. As a valued Reseller/Partner, you get 20% off all our plans for your clients. This allows you to manage email signatures on behalf of your own clients and pass on as many costs as you need.

How do I join as a Reseller/Partner?

Simply apply now by choosing your plan above.

Out of a whole plethora of services "promising" to offer a total solution, this by far goes all the way. The phrase under promise and over deliver describes perfectly these guys... I use a Mac and my colleague Windows 8, we use iOS across the board and it has the best performance of any so far. In fact as soon as i can i want to be able to resell the solution to my owns customers. You absolutely have to try it. Completely customisable and an elegant solution.

Lewis Daniels, Strategy Hand

After you have signed up, you should read our article about Why it's so hard to code email signatures

Your email signature plan includes all of these features:


From the Dashboard, you can create, edit, duplicate, download and delete your email signatures.

Email Signature Templates

Our email signature software comes fully loaded with all 20 of the email signature template designs you see on our website. We design, test and add new templates throughout the year. Login and change template designs as often as you like. All templates have been tested to ensure maximum compatibility to our supported email clients.

Customize your email signature design

Customize your email signature until your heart's content. Add as many contact fields as you need, including telephone numbers, addresses, websites, email addresses and more. Choose feature colors and base colors, inline with your business branding. Customize fonts, font sizes, icon sizes, colors, margin widths and vertical spacing.

Automatically Generated Vcards

Email Signature Rescue generates vcards automatically. All you need to do is add a vcard icon to your email signature and our software will automatically generate vcards for you, based on the information you have entered in your email signature.

Social media icons

Choose social media icons from our extensive icon library or upload your own. You can sort the social media icons in which ever order you would like them to appear on your email signature. Link to all your social media pages, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and more. We have over 70 social media networks, in 30+ colors, 11 sizes and 4 different styles.

Duplicate or copy email signatures

It's easy to create all your staff's email signatures with Email Signature Rescue. Create your first email signature, design it exactly how you like it, then simply duplicate (or copy) that signature, change the name, and repeat.

Track clicks to your website from your email signature

Track clicks to your website from your email signature and get reports straight to your own Google Analytics account. Just turn on Google Analytics in your settings and check the tickbox to add a campaign code to the end of your website links.

Customize the labels

Customize the labels with any text you like. If you want to change the t. before telephone, change it to "telephone" or "phone" or even "téléphone". Labels will automatically widen or shorten depending on the text you enter.

Add images to your email signature easily

Add images to your email signature easily. Link images to any website or email address. Simply upload, crop and resize your email signature images using our handy image uploader. You can even circle crop your images, just like our examples. All images are inserted correctly into the HTML code and hosted on our server with fast-serving CDN technology.

Add banners and promotional images to your email signatures

Add your own banners and promotional images to your email signatures. Turn banners on/off on every template. Choose from 8 different banner layouts/sizes in vertical and horizontal alignments. Upload once and use default banners across all email signatures. Change banner and promotional images regularly, without re-installing signatures. Track clicks from your banners to your website with Google Analytics.

Use animated gifs in your email signature

Animated gifs are a great way to convey moving animation in your email signature. Animated gifs can now be uploaded and added to your email signature easily. Simply check the "Bypass" option when uploading your image, and you can add your own custom animated gifs!

Add more text links

Create additional text links to brochures, calendars or anything else online that you need to link to in your email signature.


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Email, Email All and Download All Signatures

When you have finished creating your email signatures, simply use "Email" or "Email All" to send signatures directly to your staff by email. Or use "Download All" to download all signature HTML files in one handy zip file, to keep on your computer hard drive, or send to a client.

Over 90,000 email signatures created with Email Signature Rescue
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No Design Skills

No design skills required. Your signatures will look as beautiful as our examples. 20 easy to customize templates included.

No Tech Knowledge

Whether you’re a solo business owner, hairdresser, real estate agent or dog walker, anyone can create and install a signature!

Works With

Install in nearly all major email clients including Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, iOS and more. 50+ email clients, apps and software supported.

Reliable & Tested

We refine our HTML code and conduct extensive testing regularly to ensure it is industry-leading and works across all major email clients.

Save Time

Create, customize, edit, manage and deploy HTML email signatures from one central, easy to use system.

Save Money

No expensive IT staff, developers or designers needed. From signature design, to installation and support, we take care of it all.

Easy Duplication

10, 20, 30 or 100 staff? No worries! Duplicate signatures you’ve already created from the Dashboard to create multiple signatures quickly.

Support if you need it

Hit a snag? Help is only an email away. We're here for help with any design, installation and technical issues, should you need us.

Everything you need to create, customize, manage and deploy HTML email signatures.

Email Signature Software for Businesses and Designers.