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Our Email Signature Designs

Supported Email Clients

Before adding our email signature templates to our software, we test them extensively in-house across all of our supported email clients, and we continue to test them as new versions of email software is released. There can be some slight variations on some email programs that are beyond our control, however our code is the best possible HTML code to work across all the major email clients, as shown below.

 Email Program Compatibility Chart

Desktop Email ClientsSend fromReceive to
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2013
Outlook Mac (2011)
Apple Mail (Yosemite OSX 10.10)
Apple Mail (Mavericks OSX 10.9)
Apple Mail (Mountain Lion OSX 10.8)
Apple Mail (Lion OSX 10.7)
Apple Mail (Snow Leopard OSX 10.6)
Apple Mail (Leopard OSX 10.5)
Apple Mail (Tiger OSX 10.4)
Mailbox OSX
Windows Live Mail
Airmail 1.4
eM Client
Lotus Notes 8.5 
Web-based Email ClientsSend fromReceive to
Zoho Mail
Google InboxBETA  
Outlook Office 365 
Yahoo Mail 
AOL Mail 
Webmail ClientsSend fromReceive to
Mobile Email ClientsSend fromReceive to
Mail App iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 7 
Mail App iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 8 
Gmail App iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 7 
Gmail App iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 8 
Gmail App Android Phones/Tablets  
iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 6 
iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 5 
iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 4 
Android 2.3  
Android 4+   

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Tracy Caffrey, RE/MAX Uptown

I think a professional signature that allows you to direct your clients to your website and social media pages is a wise investment for any small business owner.

A wise investment for any small business owner.


Chad Snider, Gateway Media Services

LOVE this service! My emails not only look more professional and friendly, but also allow easy linking to my professional social media accounts.

A must-have for your business.


Alisha Purcell

The signatures are beautiful and you can't find them any where else. They are a beautiful presentation that makes a statement, plus it was easy to use.

The signatures are beautiful.


David Schmeikal, Ink8 Studios

Love this service! What you've done to take the heavy lifting out of signature design is stellar!

Love this service!

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