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How to disable Skype Click to Call in Internet Explorer

Do you find yourself coming across highlighted phone numbers when browsing with Internet Explorer? When receiving email signatures from others do they have the Skype logo inserted followed by a highlighted contact number? Are you having trouble installing your email signature into your mail client?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it's likely that Skype's Click to Call application is the culprit.

While the intentions of Skype's Click to Call are innocent, it can cause issues with email signatures in mail clients, whether it be installing your own or viewing someone else's.

What is Skype Click to Call?

Skype Click to Call is an application and web extension developed by Skype which converts any phone numbers it finds on a webpage or within your emails into a hyperlink that opens enables you to call them directly through Skype, so long as you have Skype credit of course.

skype click to call on a web pageskype click to call on a web page

How does Skype Click to Call affect my signature installation?

When installing your email signature with most mail clients, the process requires a simple copy and paste of the signature itself from Internet Explorer into your mail client. If you have Skype Click to Call installed then this will cause issues with the format of your signature as the application injects it's own code into the email signature. What then happens will result in your email signature displaying incorrectly and you will be unable to install it without it looking broken.

email signature without skype click to call installedemail signature with skype click to call installed

Is Skype Click to Call bad for my computer?

Skype Click to Call isn't necessarily bad for your computer, however it does cause issues when it comes to yours or others email signature. We suggest that if you don't use Skype regularly and don't use feature that you remove the application.

How can I remove Skype Click to Call from Internet Explorer?

The process of removing Skype Click to Call is quite simple, follow these easy steps to remove it:

Step One

Open Internet Explorer.

Step Two

Select the settings cog icon from the top right of your browser, then select Manage add-ons.

select manage add-ons from toolbar

Step Three

A new window will open with a list of installed add-ons within Internet Explorer.

Firstly we want to ensure that the correct add-on type is selected. From the left hand side under Add-on Types select Toolbars and Extensions.

Secondly, just below you will see a drop down list. Make sure this is set to Currently loaded add-ons.

Now we can disable the Skype Click to Call add-on. Scroll down through the list and click on the blue text that says Skype Software Sarl, this will ensure all of the Skype add-ons are selected. Now select Disable all from the bottom right.

You can follow the image below for reference and what order to follow.

select all skype add-ons and disable

Step Four

Restart your Internet Explorer and you should no longer see phone numbers being converted to hyperlinks with the Skype logo inserted.

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