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Google Inbox App on iOS: HTML Email Signature Support

Need help installing your HTML email signatures into Google Inbox on iOS? We've got a HTML email signature support, installation guides and further Google Inbox on iOS email signature troubleshooting questions right here.

To install your HTML email signature into Google Inbox on iOS, you will need to install your signature directly into the Google Inbox settings on the webmail version of Google Inbox first. The email signature will then sync with the Google Inbox Android App and it will insert your email signature on send.


Important 1: You cannot use our browser extension to install your email signature if you want your email signature to send from your Google Inbox iOS app too. You will need to install your signature directly into Google Inbox via the email signature settings, following this guide. This means that your signature cannot be over the ~12,000 character limit that Google Inbox enforces. Please use our character counter when creating your email signature, to ensure that the signature is not too large.

Important 2:The email signature will not show when you compose your email on the Google Inbox iOS App. Check to ensure that the email signature is working correctly by either sending yourself a test email, or by looking at your sent emails in the Google Inbox app or in Google Inbox webmail.

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