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  • So easy to use and the results are incredible. I have never seen so many people notice my signature and compliment it.
    - David Malka,

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Free Email Signature Generators. Why I wouldn't touch one.

Before you go putting all your private contact details into a Free Email Signature Generator...think about this for a second. The amount of information you put into your email signature is very targeted and valuable user data... and that my friend, is a Marketer's dream.

Why do companies offer a free email signature generator for nothing in return?

Easy, it doesn't.

In return for your free email signature, the company sells your private information to third parties and/or uses it themselves to promote their own products and services. They can now contact you by email, post, telephone, fax or mobile - depending on what contact details you entered.

Don't believe it? This excerpt is taken directly from a free email signature generator's privacy policy, currently sitting at the number one position on Google's front page.

free email signature generator privacy policy

Look at the fine print in any free email signature generator and you'll probably find the same thing. Any information that you enter into the "free email signature generator" can be now used by that company for marketing or even sold on to many other third party companies for marketing purposes.

They now have an incredible amount of information about you, all provided willingly by you, for a free email signature.

The information you are providing is really valuable

Not only are you entering your name, email address, location address and position at a company, you are also in most cases, entering telephone numbers, mobile numbers and links to all your social media profiles too.

And even though you don't know it, unless you read the small print, you are also most likely agreeing to be contacted by that company and any other companies they are affiliated with, and they now have all of this information about you to target you with advertisements and products.

email signature rescue software and templates

Finding a better solution.

Our Email Signature Rescue software keeps all your data safe and secure. We don't sell it to third parties and we certainly don't try to sell you a bunch of other products you're not interested in.

Don't sell your private information for a free email signature. It's just not worth it.

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Email Signature Software for your small business.