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Refund Policy

Purchasers may request a full refund of the purchase price within seven (7) days of purchase by lodging a support ticket from the Dashboard. Email Signature Rescue reserve the right to assess each refund request on a case by case basis. Should a refund request be granted, the Purchaser will be refunded the full purchase price by Email Signature Rescue within 7 days of receiving of the request, into their Paypal account or credit card that the original payment was taken from.

Once refunded, the Purchaser's account on Email Signature Rescue will be cancelled immediately and the Purchaser, as the main Account Holder must ensure that they, and any other third party who has been provided with any HTML source code, images, icons or assets, do not continue to unlawfully use or access any assets provided by our service, in part or whole.

Email Signature Rescue reserve the right to decline refund requests, at their own discretion. Some examples of reasons why Email Signature Rescue may decline refund requests are; if users breach our Terms of Service, or we have reason to believe that our source code or assets are continuing to be unlawfully used or accessed, if excessive downloading of templates has occurred before the refund was requested, or if users have downloaded or emailed the source files to themselves or third parties.

There is also only one refund permitted per Purchaser. If the Purchaser requests a refund, the account is cancelled and refund is granted, the Purchaser may not sign up again for a new account and request another refund.

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