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Who uses Email Signature Rescue?

We have over 120,000 users from all walks of life, from dog walkers, to hair stylists, real estate agents, dentists, accountants and more. The beauty of Email Signature Rescue is that anyone can create a professional HTML email signature and install it in their own email software easily and quickly. Single Users can create their own professional HTML email signature and install it quickly. Companies can use features like template duplication, automatic updating and installer apps to make it easy to setup their own company signatures for all their Users. Designers can access our Reseller program to re-sell our software to their own clients.

Which email clients, apps and software are compatible with Email Signature Rescue?

How do I create email signatures for all my Users?

First, upload any images that you would like to use across all email signatures to your Default Images folder. Next, create your email signature design. Once you are happy with the design, you can then duplicate that design for each User. Each User's signature is saved to your Dashboard. When you have finished creating all email signatures, simply email all HTML files and API keys for super easy installation.

How long does it take to setup email signatures for all Users?

Generally it takes about 10-30 minutes to design your company signature, then you'll need to duplicate that signature for each User which takes approximately 2-5 minutes per User, depending on how many details you need to change in each signature, like the User's name, email, role and profile picture.

If you have your User Data available in a spreadsheet, like Excel or Google Sheets, you can provide this to our Support staff and we will create all your signatures for you to help you get started.

When you've finished creating your signatures, you simply email all signatures to your Users by pressing a button on the Dashboard. Your Users receive their signature's API key and HTML file to their email and they then need to install their own signature using either an API key with an Installer App/Extension or by simply copy and pasting the HTML file directly into their email software settings, following our guides.

Do Users find it difficult to install their own signatures?

Most Users are great at following our online guides and videos and downloading the installer apps. 95% of Users have no issues installing their own signatures. For those that do have some issues, we are here to help. They can email us directly for support.

How do Users install the email signature in email clients, apps and software?

Easy! Follow the install guide or video for your email clients, software and apps. If your email client supports it, install your signatures using our easy installer apps for Windows and MacOS or browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, with automatic updating from the ESR Dashboard directly to your email client. If your email client doesn't support Key installation, simply copy and paste the HTML directly into your email client's settings instead.

Can I add and remove Users as needed?

You can add and remove email signatures from the software as needed, to coincide with staff changes in your company. You will be allocated a certain amount of email signatures you can create based on the plan you choose. For example, if you are on our 10 Plan, you will have 10 slots open to create signatures in your account. If you have 9 staff members that all require an email signature, you will be using 9/10 email signatures.

If 1 staff member leaves, you can delete their signature and this will open a new signature slot for a new employee (you will now be using 8/10 signatures). Simply duplicate another staff member's template to create a new email signature for your new employee and you will be back to using 9/10 of your allocated email signatures.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account as needed?

Yes! If you start with our 3 Plan, but you have 10 Users that require an email signature, you can upgrade at any time through your account and the cost is prorated at the time of upgrade or downgrade.

If you sign up using Paypal, you will need to switch to credit card to perform upgrades and downgrades.

How many templates are included in the software?

You get all 20 professionally designed, tested and coded email signature templates included in our software. You also get access our growing collection of 40+ premade template designs, so if you see a design on our website that you like, we've made it even easier for you to replicate that design for yourself. You can change and preview designs any time while editing your signatures.

How do I use a Premade Template Code to create an email signature?

Browse our growing collection of premade templates here. When you find a design you like, simply copy the code and paste it when creating your signature from the Dashboard. Then you just need to change the images to your own and add your own contact details.

Can I add or import my own custom HTML into the software?

You may have an email signature design created outside our software that you'd like to import. Unfortunately, we don't allow for custom HTML, but for good reason. We pride ourselves on our own HTML solving many cross email client compatibility issues and can assure you that you will want to use our HTML code over any others. It also makes trouble-shooting much easier when issues do arise, knowing that all Users are using the same HTML and not their own custom HTML. With so many design options, we truly believe that you will find a new design in our software that you love just as much!

Can I create signatures for multiple companies under one account?

Yes, you can use our software to create signatures for multiple companies and users with different images and information included each signature. The images and information you put in each signature can be completely independent of each other, or you can use our Default Images feature and upload images to use across all signatures, it's up to you. We do suggest if you are considering adding mulitple companies higher than 20 users, to create individual Email Signature Rescue accounts for each company, for easy updating of company images across all signatures. Please contact us for discount pricing for multiple company accounts.

Do the email signatures update automatically?

If you install your email signatures using our Key installation method in supported email clients, your email signature will update automatically whenever changes are made from your Dashboard. For other email clients, when you make changes to your email signatures in our software, you will need to re-install the HTML through the settings in your email client. In most cases, this is a simple copy and paste which takes less than 30 seconds. Find out what options are available for installation for your email client here.

How many images can I include in each email signature?

You can include one primary image, like a logo, one secondary image, like a profile photo or second logo, and up to 4 banner images in every email signature.

Where are images hosted?

We only use the best quality Amazon S3 Servers located in Virginia in the United States with an uptime of 99.9%, but that doesn't mean that your email signature images are only served from there.

When you've finished creating your email signatures, turn on your CDN option in the account settings and your images will be served from the closest server to your email recipients, from the list below.

North America: Ashburn, VA; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Dallas/Fort Worth, TX; Hayward, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New York, NY; Newark, NJ; Palo Alto, CA; San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; South Bend, IN; St. Louis, MO

Canada: Montreal, QC; Toronto, ON

Europe: Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Dublin, Ireland; Frankfurt, Germany; London, England; Madrid, Spain; Marseille, France; Milan, Italy; Paris, France; Stockholm, Sweden; Warsaw, Poland

Asia: Chennai, India; Hong Kong; Mumbai, India; Manila, the Philippines; New Delhi, India; Osaka, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Singapore; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan;

Australia: Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia

What kind of image editing tools are included?

You can crop, circle-crop and resize images on upload, using our software.

Other options include:

  • Retina and HiDPI images
  • Animated gifs
  • Add email or website links to any image
  • Turn on CDN in settings to serve images from a Content Distribition Network

Default Images and Custom Images

Default Images are located on your Dashboard. When you add Default Images, the images can be used across any email signature in your account. You can select to use the Default Image when editing the signature. Changing a Default Image will update all email signatures that use the Default Image. This feature is most used for advertising banners that Users want to change weekly or monthly and the logo image that is applied to all signatures in the account.

Custom images are located in the email signature editor and relate only to that email signature you are currently editing. These are mainly used for adding profile photos or images that only need to be included in that particular email signature.

Which icons are included in the software?

We have a library of over 200,000 icons for easy linking to 90+ social media, apps and websites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. If we don't have an icon you need, you can always upload your own custom icons too. Currently, we support:
  • YELP
  • MAP
  • CART
  • FILE
  • EBAY
  • CAREERS 2.0
  • IMDB
  • VINE
  • RSS

Why shouldn't you use a free email signature generator?

Unlike free email signature generators and software, by using Email Signature Rescue, your private details remain private. We don't use what you enter in your email signatures to market to you, build user profiles about you and sell your data to third party marketing companies.

Do the templates support International Characters/Letters?

Yes! Our email signature templates are coded using either UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 character encoding. You can change the character encoding type in the settings.

Can I create my own text links in the email signature?

Yes you can create your own custom text links, in any color you choose and add them to your email signature easily. You can link to either a website or email address.

How do you test your email signatures across all supported email clients?

We use both in-house testing and programs like Litmus to test our HTML email signatures, to ensure the design looks professional and stays looking as consistent as possible across all supported email clients. However, when designing the signatures using our editor, you do need to be mindful that adding certain elements can cause issues with the signature looking good across all email clients. We don't like to limit your design freedom, so we have a handy guide to follow if you want to keep your email signature looking great.

Can I install the email signature across multiple email clients and apps?

Yes, you can install your email signature in unlimited email clients and apps, however you do need to abide by our licensing terms and have one email signature in your account, per user.

What makes Email Signature Rescue different to it's competitors?

When we started Email Signature Rescue, we started with one purpose in mind. We wanted our templates to be the best HTML code, that worked across all major email clients, software and apps and consistently looked good no matter which email client you sent from or received to. Other things that make us stand out include our beautiful pixel-perfect custom designs, supporting more email clients, software and apps than many other providers with installer apps, extensions and how-to-install guides, our great customer support and our 7 day money-back guarantee.

Are the email signatures responsive?

There are only a few email clients that support sending and receiving responsive emails, therefore we don't code our email signatures templates to be responsive. Instead, we focus on designing templates that look good across all screen sizes. If you're wanting your email signature to look responsive, we suggest that you design your template with mobile screen sizes in mind, which is easy to do using our software.

What do I get with my plan?

You get immediate access to our software to create, edit and manage all your email signatures online. We also host your images, banners, vcards and social media icons. You also get all 20+ professionally designed, coded and tested HTML email signature templates included in our software, you can preview and choose designs while you create your signatures. And finally, you get installation support, online guides, apps and browser extensions to help you install your email signatures in any of our supported email clients.

What don't I get?

There’s no catch. We include all features on all plans. You just need to select the right plan for the number of users you require.

What will I pay?

The price is shown on each plan. Annual billing covers costs as we continue to securely host your signatures, images and assets. You can login to edit and change designs at any time and update your signatures. There are no lock-in contracts, you are free to cancel at any time.

How do I pay?

You can start right now using your Mastercard, Visa or American Express (Amex) cards. Online Payments Secured by Stripe™. We never see or hold any payment details. Paypal is also available. Simply select Paypal during checkout. You can choose from our available currencies above the pricing plans. If you’re a larger Corporation or Government Department and need to pay by Invoice or have other requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why should I pay for email signatures?

We don't just offer email signature templates to download and leave you high and dry. Instead we offer online software to save and edit your email signatures, we host images for you, you can login any time to change template designs and make changes to your signatures and there's a whole bunch of other great features that our 120,000+ users now can't live without. See for yourself and if you don't love it, we offer a full refund within 7 days.

I'm a Designer, how do I sign up my clients?

We offer a Reseller program for Designers and Creators wanting to sign up their own clients. Find out more about the features here.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don't currently offer a free trial, but we do offer a 7 day full money back guarantee. Please feel free to try out our software for 7 days and if it's not a good fit for your business, we'll refund your money in full.

Are there any discounts available?

Discounts are available to Non-profits, Charity Organizations, Personal Users and Students.

Got a question that we haven't answered here? Ask us now.

Discounts Available

Discounts are available to Non-profits, Charity Organizations, Personal Users and Students.

Non-profit or Charity: Please use code K7X99H38 for 20% off our pricing plans.

Student/Education: Please use code 2SWM8PP5 for 20% off our pricing plans.

Personal User: Please use code 7E2CT39K for 20% off our pricing plans.

email signature rescue templates

Everything you need to create, customize, manage and deploy HTML email signatures.

No Design Skills

No design skills required. Your signatures will look as beautiful as our examples. 20 easy to customize templates included.

No Tech Knowledge

Whether you’re a solo business owner, hairdresser, real estate agent or dog walker, anyone can create and install a signature!

Works With

Install in nearly all major email clients including Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, iOS and more. 50+ email clients, apps and software supported.

Reliable & Tested

We refine our HTML code and conduct extensive testing regularly to ensure it is industry-leading and works across all major email clients.

Save Time

Create, customize, edit, manage and deploy HTML email signatures from one central, easy to use system.

Save Money

No expensive IT staff, developers or designers needed. From signature design, to installation and support, we take care of it all.

Easy Duplication

10, 20, 30 or 100 staff? No worries! Duplicate signatures you’ve already created from the Dashboard to create multiple signatures quickly.

Support if you need it

Hit a snag? Help is only an email away. We're here for help with any design, installation and technical issues, should you need us.

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